Expand Your Business Internationally

Expanding Your Business Internationally

As your business takes on international expansion there are multiple obstacles that need to be addressed. Many of these obstacles will not be realized until you have already started and could possibly be hundreds of thousands of dollars into the process. These obstacles can be avoided all together with foresite and knowledge of the expansion process. This is where we help you. 

IBE Connect works with businesses to expedite Expansion into the United States. We do this by connecting you with other professionals to streamline the process. These connections are vetted by IBE Connect and have proven their value in the marketplace. 


Expedite the Expansion Process

With our proven process you can cut down on expanding your business. Utilizing the strength of our vetted connections and service providers, you can speed up the process of expansion. Our connections can help you find Joint Venture partners, funding and equity providers, manufacturing providers, legal assitance, accounting assistance and much more. 

Reduce the Cost of Expansion

When expanding your business to the United States the cost can be overwhelming. Not just projected costs, but unexpected expenses due to culture, and unexpected adaptations. With our years of personal experience we have found many businesses in the US take advantage of businesses. Our trusted network is vetted to ensure your best interest. 

IBE Connects Helps You With

Cultural Integration • Media Exposure • Franshise Expansion • Manufacturing Expansion • Network Connections • Market Analysis • Accounting and Finances • Funding and Credit 

Let Our Experience Work for You

Contact us today if you are looking to expand your business into the United States. We are here to help you with your expansion needs and are more than happy to discuss your situation. 

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