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Businesses ready for international expansion face many obstacles from business licensing to culture adaptation. The IBE team helps business owners just like you successfully expand into the US and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

We bring personal experience of bringing our international franchise of Hydro-dog from Australia to the United States. With this experience, we have paved the way for business owners all around the world to affordably expand into the United States for fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

If you are ready to expand your business into the US, let’s talk. We can save you the headaches, time, and thousands of dollars with our proven process to expedite your expansion.

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International Expansion Case Studies:

Franchise Expansion

Learn how Anthony overcame cultural differences and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars to bring Hydrodog to the US.

Influence Expansion

Starting as an England based comopany Key Person of Influence has expanded to several new countries to offer coaching and training.

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